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    Tikhonova Elena, Publishing House Manager

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    Subject headings of the issue: technical policy; power electronics; sensors; biomedical electronics; production technology and equipment; materials of electronics; thermal management.

    Alexander Mityagin, Valeriy Feshchenko. UV photodetectors based on natural diamond.- Odessa: Politehperiodika, 2013.- 128 рages: 108 figures, 10 tables.
    ISBN 978-966-2666-02-1

    The authors of the monograph provide the research results on photodetectors based on natural diamond. The topics covered in this book include designs, manufacturing techniques and test results for experimental models of single and multi-element UV photodetectors, as well as the possibility in principle to create highly sensitive diamond-based array elements. The book also presents the design of a two-channel diamond photodetector operating in the ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths.

    Conference "MIET-2024"

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